What We’re Reading: October 26-30

Haunted houses, Halloween, passwords, Facebook update, Pop Tarts, location, prefabs, roofs, TP origami, alternative desks, World Series and trash-talking librarians!

This time of year, we like our houses haunted, and our hotels haunted and horrific. Also, you can now find out if a property has a dark history. 1089509858_56225c2de5_m  Karen/flickr/2007

Over 41 million American children could be ringing doorbells around the country on Saturday — find out some more Halloween stats! And is Halloween is all about the candy or the costumes?

Do you have too many passwords to keep track of? Are they strong enough to avoid hacking? You might be interested to know researchers have come up with what may be the perfect password formula.

If you use Facebook on your iPhone, you might have noticed a shorter battery life. This update should fix that.

Our teeth ache just thinking about these new Pop Tart flavors.

Location, location, location.

These mansions could take years to build and who would buy them? Why wait years when your home could be ready tomorrow? Sure, they’re smaller, but each of these modern prefabs was assembled in under two weeks.

Conventional construction logic says that you have to build foundations first, roofs last. They do things a little differently in Canada. Speaking of roofs, we think this is an odd adornment to a Michigan roof.

We scoffed at first, but upon reconsideration realized this could be a great detail for guests and open house attendees!

Shut up and take our money. This is so much better than a standing desk! Actually, maybe not…wall_e_chairs daddytypes.com/2013

How important is Emotional Intelligence to you? Here are 5 TED Talks that you might find useful!

This is how librarians throw down! Whether you are rooting for the Mets or the Royals, we can all agree that a free breakfast would be nice!


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