What We’re Reading: October 3-7

Baseball, privacy, nature, safety, bees, coffee, TV, home buying, and bathrooms.

The Chicago Cubs are having a record season — how did Theo Epstein put this team together? Let’s hope the Cubs can put this mess behind them!

No one deserves an ordeal like this, but can oversharing information on social media make you a target?

Did this koala get upstaged?

What is being done to keep public spaces safe in the wake of recent shootings?

Double check that species of bee before you swat it — it might be protected! Never mind that bees can be trained to complete tasksAJC1 2011 AJC1/flickr/2011

Nearly two months ahead of the anticipated follow up to a popular TV series, Netflix partnered with local coffee shops for a bit of fun publicity.

Speaking of TV, which of these famous TV homes fits your style?

Here’s some advice to pass along to buyers who do not want a mortgage. And here’s some advice to pass along to everyone.

If money is a huge issue, here’s an affordable solution.

We didn’t even know awards were handed out for this, but good job to two Chicago restaurants for making the short list?

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