What We’re Reading: September 14-18

Work/life balance, Microsoft, Apple, IoT, privacy, Cloudgate, book awards, new streaming service, and Corgis.

After reading this article, Denmark really does sound like one  of the Happiest Places on Earth.15819201611_bf0762af72_q Carlos ZGZ/flickr/2008

Oh, Microsoft. Facepalm.

Don’t get too excited, but Apple might allow you to have more control over your phone’s app real estate. Not soon, but at some point in the future. In the meantime, iOS 9 is available and here’s a handy field guide to new features.

Do you have to qualify burglars as “alleged” when you can quite clearly see who and what they are doing via your wifi-enabled security system? Maybe if we considered how people break into our homes, we could defend our homes better.

Roomba has its own camera now, making it a much smarter vacuum. Is a smart vacuum something we needed? Whatever, it’s on our wish list now.

A public library in New Hampshire is taking a stand for privacy and hopes more libraries will join them. Afterall, it’s what libraries do.

Love it or hate it, it’s pretty cool to see how Chicago’s Cloudgate, more commonly known as  The Bean, was constructed.5712490395_245f2127d2_q O Palsson/flickr/2011

Facebook is finally giving the public what they want — a dislike button. Well, maybe not exactly a dislike button, but an option other than “like.”

National Book Awards are presented annually in November — here is the long list of potential honorees.

Shut up and take our money, BBC!

What’s better than a REALTOR®? A Corgi posing as a REALTOR®.

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