What We’re Reading: September 21-25

Green living, home values, bartering, a pizza-toting rodent, cool homes, crypts, drones, REALTOR® safety, and an Amazon Prime deal!

How green is your community? There are some out there working toward net-zero energy. Check out these suburbs with a vision for the future.

Do you have $350,000 and a desire to live in a shack in San Francisco? You’re in luck!

What would you do if you couldn’t access the cash needed to buy essential items? Take a page from the current situation in Greece.

Pizza Rat. Need we say more? He did win the internet this week. Though, Shake Shack Squirrel gave him a run for his money.4899671067_224f26808b_m Hungry Dudes/flickr/2010

Real estate Transformers: more than meets the eye!

The archaeology world is abuzz after a world-renowned archaeologist theorized that Queen Nefertiti’s crypt, which has yet to be discovered, may be hidden in the same tomb as her son’s, King Tutankhamun. The Egyptian Antiquities Ministry has finally given the approval to examine the tomb using radar. And now, we wait…

Drones: they’re not just for aerial photography, military exercises, and Amazon deliveries…apparently they build bridges, too!12970826404_a6fbdf0f16_m Michael MK Kohr/flickr/2014

REALTOR® safety is always on our minds. Now there is a new app  in honor of Beverley Carter that  is intended to keep our REALTORS® safe.

In honor of Amazon’s Emmy wins, Amazon Prime Memberships are being offered at a discount TODAY ONLY.

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