What We’re Reading: September 5-9

Technology, symbols, upcycling, REITs, GoT, housing starts, neighbors, guac, design, and handwriting.

This real estate tech startup is trying to make home buying an online process.

The 15th anniversary of 9/11 is approaching, and an iconic part of the event’s aftermath is back where it belongs.

Don’t trash those building materials! Upcycle for a profitJim Bauer 2012 Jim Bauer/flickr/2012

Property investors worry about the air conditioning in offices? Anyone who’s ever worked in an office will scoff at that notion!

Well, this takes 3D printing to an entirely new level!

The home building market is still feeling the effects of the last housing bust. Construction workers are in demand, and in short supply!

Sometimes neighbors turn out to be bad eggs.

If you’ve been avoiding making guacamole because eating it before it browns feels like too much pressure (is that just us?), then fear no more!

Design seemed to be Apple’s forte, but AirPods might prove that wrong.

Will this skill be saved, or go the way of the dodo?

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