What We’re Reading: Feb 14-20

iCar, SAD leads to a dibs fight, and Big Birdman

Apple is hoping to begin production on a car project  as early as 2020, reports Bloomberg. According to the site’s sources, Apple is pushing employees working on the car to have it ready to go in five years, a timeline that will eventually allow it to compete with similar electric vehicles coming out from Tesla and GM in 2017.

For much of the country, this is the time of year when seasonal grumpiness turns into seasonal despair. When your mood is falling as fast as the thermometer, these small lifestyle changes may help boost your spirits. Get some exercise, try a sunlamp, and eat chocolate. Yay! Getting outside is a suggestion that might be a bit harder to embrace, but you’ll feel better supposedly.

dibs bot

dibs bot

Tell that to the people in Boston. A Bostonian shoveled out a parking spot in front of his house, and put a bookshelf there to save his space. When he came back from work, someone else parked in his space. So he piled all the snow back on the rogue car. When is all the snow going to finally melt in Boston?

Dr. Seuss died 20 years ago, but a recently discovered manuscript means there will be a new Dr. Seuss book this summer.

The Oscars are this weekend. I have to say I’ve only managed to catch one of the Best Picture nominees this year. Sesame Street finds a natural target for its spoof – Big Birdman.

They are unlikely Internet celebrities: two bald eagles tending their young on the campus of Berry College in North Georgia.

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