What We’re Reading: Oct. 17-21

Prompts, awards, interviews, housing, Halloween, literature, candy, hobbies, and the internet.

This could be useful IRL as an augmented reality feature at cocktail parties.

We will never be as cool as Bob Dylan, as proven by his ignoring one of the most prestigious awards out there.

Ugh. And we thought Skype interviews were bad.

Depending on what you’re into, these houses could be really cool or very scary to own.

The toughest part of Halloween is decided what to dress as — here are some DIY ideas. And here are some pop culture costume inspirations.

Call me impressed. This classic novel is 125 years old! Richard Eriksson 2014 Richard Eriksson/flickr/2014

Forgive us, but what’s better than candy? Data about candy!

If your passion was fishing, and you could afford to, would you do this?

Do parts of the internet appear to be broken today? This could be the answer.

Have you been limiting your children’s screen time? Maybe you should stop.

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